book covers

2019 | self-initiated

book cover design for jun’ichirō tanizaki’s essay on japanese aesthetics. photograph by brandon o. scott. (2019)

tanizaki cover

cover design for john mcphee’s 1968 book about the new jersey pine barrens, its history, its people, and its trees. despite having grown up in new jersey, reading this book is what motivated me to finally visit the barrens. (2019)

more pine barrens fun: here, here, and here.

mcphee cover

cover design for jon krakauer’s book, into thin air, about the 1996 mt. everest disaster. photograph: google earth. (2018)

krakauer cover

book cover design for mario vargas llosa’s novel, aunt julia and the scriptwriter. with this illustration, i hoped to convey the frenzied nature of the titular scriptwriter and the vibrant, coastal atmosphere of lima, peru. (2018)

llosa cover