frank lloyd wright quarterly: section
graphic design and creative direction
frank lloyd wright quarterly: plan
graphic design and creative direction
frank lloyd wright foundation holiday greeting
graphic design and illustration
searching both ways
a senior thesis book
infinite hourglass
an infinite hourglass
time is a floating point number.
a senior thesis exhibition
coffee paintings
paintings made from pour-over coffee
an apple watch face design
on the [princeton] run
a book about the princeton running community
the altar of time
exhibition design
a self-portait built from ash wood
a bridge built from ash wood
2015–16 princeton university concerts catalog
catalog cover design for princeton university's music department
album cover design for the band st. danger
the weather daily
a daily newspaper [out of print]
w th r
a book archiving daily typographical weather reports
the alphabet, in letters
book research and design
doctor who fanzine
a doctor who fanzine
franny & zooey letter
a fake student letter designed and circulated at princeton university
a book documenting a week's worth of news consumption